Children's party on the plane

Throw an adventurous birthday party for your kids

​​Organize an adventurous birthday party for your children on board a Boeing airliner. The birthday boy and his friends will try to fly a real plane. And during the flight, they will look at interesting places from a bird's eye view. Possibility of individual meals for children and adults on board. Flying balloons and decorations. Flight over a real landscape and interesting places according to the children's wishes. A professional pilot is available to children throughout the flight. Real 100 % functional airplane cockpit and passenger deck. Take up to 12 friends with you for free.

  • After purchasing the flight, you will receive a gift voucher by email.
  • The flight can be booked for the selected date after the order.
  • We recommend booking at least 24 hours before the flight.​​

Includes 120 min. the flight includes free children's champagne.

Includes 180 min. flight is free children's champagne + free photos for the birthday boy.

The voucher is valid for up to 180 days.