Mayday rescue an airplane

The “MAYDAY“ program is designed for lovers of adrenaline activities. Try piloting a large airliner in extreme conditions such as situations involving engine or onboard systems failure, or other malfunctions. Will you be able to deal with an in-flight fire? The fate of your crew and passengers lies in your hands. Everything is just like in a real Boeing 737 NG cockpit. In-flight fire simulation only possible with the 90-minute and 120-minute programs.

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  • After purchasing the flight, you will receive a gift voucher in the email.
  • Flights can be reserved for the selected date after the order.
  • We recommend booking at least 24 hours before the flight.
  • Save the plane from an impending disaster.
  • Option of alternating turns with second pilot free of charge.
  • Flight in extreme weather conditions.
  • Landing on any of the 999 aircraft faults.
  • A professional pilot will teach you to fly in 10 minutes.
  • Choose from 24,000 airports around the world.
  • Authentic and fully functional Boeing airliner cockpit.
  • Take your whole family or up to 10 friends with you free of charge.

What kind of person will enjoy this the most?

This experience is designed for everyone who loves unexpected surprises and adrenaline running through their veins. The flight simulator is also perfect as a gift or original surprise for your loved ones. We strongly advise people people with heart conditions or breathing problems against the “MAYDAY“ 90 and 120 programs

What can I look forward to?

You will first go through a brief pre-flight preparation session. An experienced instructor, who will also be your co-pilot, will instruct you on what to do before take-off. You will learn about the most important cockpit controls, functions, and operations required for your flight. Complete with air navigation and all.

Want to experience even more?

Choose the MAYDAY 90 or 120 program, and apart from saving an airplane and standard piloting, you can put your nerves to the test while managing an in-flight fire with the need to deploy oxygen masks. A hands-on experience of what various weather conditions are capable of doing to the plane, situations concerning engine or onboard systems failure, or the procedure during an emergency landing. The pre-flight preparation will be more detailed, providing you with information about the onboard flight instruments, the pre-takeoff and flight procedures checklist, and aerodynamics and radio communication in aviation basics.

And when you land ...

Whichever package you choose, our flight attendant will take care of everything on board. After landing safely, savor all those moments at our designer Pilot bar, where you will be served by real flight attendants. You might even want to go over some particular situations with aviation experts available on the spot.