Around the world in Boeing

Take a trip around the world without having to waste time packing suitcases and searching for a passport. Go from Prague to the west around our planet and gradually visit 6 different places.

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Enjoy bird's eye view of Prague, New York, the Bahamas, Honolulu and Sydney. As your last stop before landing back at Ruzyne Airport you can choose Dubai or Cairo. In each of your destinations you will test the local airport during takeoff and landing.
This 60-90 minute package is great for smaller groups of friends or families of 1-6 people, each of whom can try one of the airports. You will learn everything essential about flying during the initial 10-minute instruction from your personal pilot, an experienced professional who will be sitting by your side all the time.

How will the flight take place?

Starting from Prague, from Havel Havel Airport, you will fly over our capital before going on a long journey across the ocean, so that you can enjoy the city's dominant features like the Prague Castle with the Cathedral of St. Vitus, Petřín lookout tower, Charles Bridge or the Žižkov Tower.

Your first stop is nowhere else than in the city that for many centuries symbolized for many Europeans a promised country in New York. In the US metropolis, you will have the chance to explore its main dominance of the Statue of Liberty, fly over the roofs of Manhattan skyscrapers, and marvel at the vastness of Central Park.

From the crowded city, then head to a much quieter area, the breathtaking beaches of the Bahamas. From the air you can enjoy the view of the captivating beauty of this Caribbean paradise. Fly through the azure blue sea surrounding the endless white sandy beaches and admire the luxurious resorts and luxurious golf courses.

Your journey will continue to the west, where you will land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in a fairy-tale destination, in Hawaii. Below you will find the legendary Waikiki Beach and the skyscrapers of the capital of Honolulu. In addition to beautiful beaches, this surfer paradise offers lava fields, high volcanoes and a vast valley where the Jurassic Park was shot.

The next flight will take you over the magical data boundary on the globe and add one extra day on your watch. You will not go anywhere except in Sydney, Australia. Flying over the main dominance of the metropolis, the famous opera, is a dream of every man. But also fascinating will be the view of the adjoining bays, rivers and beaches on which the city spreads, including the well-known Bondi Beach.

Burning and fulfilling experiences slowly return home. The choice of the last destination will be up to you. Do you choose the world of the future embodied by the shimmering modern Dubai, or do you prefer an excursion to the past in the form of a fly over Cairo and pyramids?

Everything you see on the flight over the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a symbol of immense luxury and wealth. You will of course miss the greatest attractions: the famous Burj al-Arab skyscraper and Burj Khalif's tallest building, but you will also see artificially created palm-shaped islands and many other fascinating buildings in the city center.

If you are fascinated by history, fly over the pyramids thousands of years old for you will certainly not be disappointing. After all, the pyramids are the only ancient dives of the world that you can still see for yourself today. Aerial view will bring you in the early pharaohs and sphinx times and will bring in you astonishment and admiration for the genius of their authors.

And now just land back in Prague.

And when you land ...

Whichever package you choose, our flight attendant will take care of everything on board. After landing safely, savor all those moments at our designer Pilot bar, where you will be served by real flight attendants. You might even want to go over some particular situations with aviation experts available on the spot.